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I grew up the 8th of 9 children watching my older siblings and their spouses raise their families. I waited with anticipation for when I would be a mom of my own.

I went to college and got an Early Childhood Education degree right before getting married and starting my own family. I taught kindergarten for three years before quitting to be a full-time mom. I ran a preschool in my home until my third child was born and when my sixth and final child went to school, I started teaching preschool at a private preschool. I have been there for eleven years and counting.

Through the years, I have seen many different styles of parenting. Together, with my husband, we have come up with our own style. We have observed and experienced success and failures along the way and have come to believe that success isn’t tied to achievements, but to relationships.

It was a long journey for me to see that a loving relationship was more important than anything else. I wanted to control my children thinking in the long run this would serve them well, but it wasn’t what was best. It wore me out completely until I was depressed and dealing with health challenges.

Hitting rock bottom was the catalyst that helped me reach out for help. For the first time in my life I invested in myself and began therapy, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and eventually training to be a life coach.

I learned that for me, depression symptoms were from being out of balance with my life and not listening to my inner wisdom. I now understand that the most important relationship is the one with yourself. When that relationship is healthy and stable, the groundwork is set for other relationships to flourish.

Through therapy and coaching, I was able to detach from my old story and create a new one with a fresh perspective. This allowed me to get past being a victim, forgive my loved ones who were doing their best, and to see I need compassion and love for myself. Investing in myself helps me have clarity and gives me the strength to make healthy changes.

I found that my life improved when I focused on myself and now it's my passion to help others do the same.